Network of law students working to eradicate poverty through projects on human rights and access to justice.
Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

What We Do

We look for opportunities for law students and junior lawyers to actively engage in projects relating to access to justice, the rule of law and poverty eradication whilst studying or training to become a lawyer.

Many law students are not offered opportunities to explore non-commercial areas of law during their time at university, so our projects offer insight into areas such as: human rights law, climate change law, refugee law, international development law and rule of law in good governance.

We partner with third party organisations, as well as running our own projects. See below for more details on our current projects:

Blog Articles

You will see on our Blog pages that we offer our students opportunities to publish articles on areas of law relating to our focus areas: access to justice and poverty eradication.

We are always looking for new blog posts and legal articles.

Some possible topics could be:

  • Analysis of a legal issue at home (such as access to justice, legal aid, pro bono, business and human rights)
  • Analysis of a legal issue with international relevance (such as an international law provision, a component of international human rights law, climate change regulation)
  • Analysis of a legal issue with relevance to a particular jurisdiction (such as mining rights in India or indigenous land rights in Brazil)

There is no required word count or style requirements for blog articles but they will be reviewed by JLAP prior to being posted.


JLAP Groups regularly run guest speaker events and panels at their universities. These can be online through zoom/skype, or in person.

Events can be on any area of law, but popular events are often those relating to career advice, or focused on environmental law and climate change, business and human rights or refugee and migration law. We can facilitate guest speakers from law firms or barristers’ chambers for events.


JLAP Groups raise funds for the Lawyers Against Poverty Justice Fund. This fund contributes towards supporting legal aid clinics and public interest litigation projects around the world. To date, the Justice Fund has made grants to partners in Uganda, Nigeria, Pakistan, Greece, Kenya and Jordan. Recent recipients of grants from the fund include: Justice Centre for Legal Aid in Jordan, the Greek Council for Refugees and European Lawyers in Lesvos.

Possible fundraising activities include:

  • A sponsored run or other sports event
  • A bake sale
  • A collection pot at a JLAP webinar, training or careers event

We have a dedicated profile on JustGiving that can be used for fundraising activities. See –

Legal Textbook Exchange

We work with the International Law Book Facility ( to arrange for the collection of used legal textbooks from law students and academic libraries. These are shipped out to libraries around the world, where there is a short supply of good quality legal texts.  


We are run a mentoring programme, linking our JLAP Groups with the senior network from Lawyers Against Poverty. This mentoring programme can match students with lawyers practicing in areas such as human rights law, immigration and asylum law or environmental law. Our network includes solicitors, barristers and legal academics.

We are particularly interested in hearing from practicing lawyers happy to offer their time as a Mentor.

Refugee Confidence Sessions

LAP has recently launched a new initiative offering the UK refugee community access to information about their rights in the UK, covering a wide range of themes including debt, employment, criminal justice, welfare, housing and social norms. LAP works with groups across the UK to provide the sessions in partnership with local organisations providing support to refugees. There are opportunities for JLAP students interested in legal research to provide editorial oversight of our workshop resources.


Twinning is a JLAP project that creates a community of law students across the world, interested in developing their personal and professional relationships, as well as using their knowledge and legal skills to help in the fight against poverty.

As part of the twinning programme, participants are twinned with a law student in a different country, and engage in a programme of mutual support and learning. Each pair of twins meet monthly over the course of the programme.

Suggestions for areas that our twins might focus on include:

  • Sharing experiences about life as a law student in your countries
  • Sharing experiences about the system of law and legal justice in your countries
  • Producing a blog piece, an article, or a research report on an issue of law relevant to both of your countries or on your experiences as law students in your countries

New Opportunities

We are always interested in hearing from organisations with new ideas for projects and collaborations that would work well with the JLAP network and ambitions.